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Upcoming Events 

Want to know what we are working on next?  Interested in attending or volunteering to help?  Here you will find the most events for which we are planning.  Save the date on your calendar! 

Juneteenth Celebrations 2022


  • Summer Social/Retirement Picture – TBD

  • IABPFF Convention, Hartford, CT – August 22-26, 2022

  • “Paragonsgiving” Turkey Dinners from Paragon – November 2022

  • 2nd Annual Presents from Paragon – Sponsored a family at Christmas Dec 2022

  • “Retiree’s Breakfast” Honoring those who came before us! – TBD


  • Civil Service Entry Firefighter Information Sessions – Monthly, beginning May 2022

  • Civil Service Promotional Firefighter Study Group – Monthly, TBD

  • Officer Promotional Information Sessions (Assessment Centers) – Monthly, TBD

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